Commercial Pest Control


White Horse Pest Control offers a fast and effective service to the commercial industry, covering golf courses, sports facilities, hotels,  restaurants, pubs, schools and offices.  We understand that pest problems cause potential nuisance and health problems, as well as damaging reputation and profits.

We can take care of all your pest problems offering you one-off treatments or working with you on a yearly contractural basis.

Our Services

Our work follows Health and Safety guidelines and you are
kept fully informed at each stage of any work undertaken.


Ants are commonly found during the warmer months and regarded as a nuisance.  Some species can cause disease and food contamination.


The feral pigeon is one of the most common pests and causes contamination of foodstuffs and problems to human health through its faeces.


Cockroaches are often found in domestic and commercial environments.  They are associated with damage to foodstuff and a danger to human health.


There are many species of flies found around all environments, if not controlled they can contaminate food as well as cause human health problems.


Very common and found in a wide range of urban and rural buildings.  They cause damage to consumables and human health through urine contamination.


Mites are a very small but a common pest.  They can cause damage to stored foods, livestock and will suck blood from humans in the home.


Moles are often found in urban and rural areas, having a subterranean lifestyle, their burrowing activities damage lawns, parks, golf courses and farm land.


Commonly found in most environments. If not controlled, they cause economic damage to foodstuffs and structures, and transmit diseases to humans.


Wasps are commonly found during the summer months. Problems occur through contact with humans, they generally are a nuisance and will sting when agitated.

Drain Surveys


White Horse Pest Control offer drain surveys using CCTV cameras.  The Drain Survey is one of the fastest ways of tracking rodents.

Rats can swim for long distances in the sewers and often gain access, as well as other problem pests, into your property through cracked and broken drains.

We also supply and install EFKs (electric fly killers) which conform to BRC Standards.


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