Agricultural Pest Control


In accordance with crop assurance regulations on farms, White Horse Pest Control understands the importance to control access to stored crops and foodstuffs from birds, rats and mice.

We offer a range of pest services as well as yearly contracts to manage all agricultural pests.

Our Services

We assess and control sensitive problems using effective and humane methods.  We work in conjunction with all current legislation including the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Food and Environment Protection Act 1985, Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 and the Wild Mammal Protection Act 1996.


The feral pigeon is one of the most common pests and causes contamination of foodstuffs and problems to human health through its faeces.


There are many species of flies found around all environments, if not controlled they can contaminate food as well as cause human health problems.


Foxes are commonly found in both rural and urban areas and are usually active at dusk and dawn, causing nuisance problems, as well as killing livestock.


Very common and found in a wide range of urban and rural buildings.  They cause damage to consumables and human health through urine contamination.


Mites are a very small but a common pest.  They can cause damage to stored foods, livestock and will suck blood from humans in the home.


Common in many environments they are prolific breeders causing damage to gardens, parks, golf courses and farms through their grazing and burrowing.


Commonly found in most environments. If not controlled, they cause economic damage to foodstuffs and structures, and transmit diseases to humans.


The grey squirrel is often associated with damage to gardens and trees.  They will also enter house lofts where they can cause major economic problems.


Wasps are commonly found during the summer months. Problems occur through contact with humans, they generally are a nuisance and will sting when agitated.

Pest Management


We carry out COSHH and risk assessements before any work commences.

We provide full written reports to add to your Pest Management Folder.

We also offer drain survey work using CCTV cameras.

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